How to wash running shoes in the washing machine? That means you can wash your running shoes in the washing machine. But it is not a much superb idea. You can wash it in the washing machine but there is much danger to damage your shoes sole, their fabric might be destroyed.

Mostly it happens when you use a lot of hot water, they destroy the shoe. The recommended method is not to wash your running shoes after every run or every day. You can wash them even if it is much dirt and contains an extreme level of mud.

As running is an outside game in most cases, runners face two types of dirt, first one is natural which you face when you are on the road or in the running position, dirt, and dust, but the second one is made from your body, a lot of sweat, your blood circulation, made the shoe much dirty and smelly. It is recommended that every run you can clean your shoes with some brush and some sprays to increase their durability, however the method of wash running sneakers in a washer are below.

How to Wash Running Shoes in Washing Machine?

It’s easy to use a washing machine to cleanse running sneakers, but it needs some guidance and extra tips to wash safely and prevent from any damage to the shoes, so here is some proper guide!

What You Require!

  • Your Dirty Running Shoes
  • A washer and dryer
  • Detergent or cleaner in a container that is liquid
  • Baking soda in the amount of 3 tsp
  • A washcloth or a cover
  • Shoe brush cleaner
  • Some towels

Simple for washing your shoes in a washing machine, you simply need a good liquid, baking soda, a wash bag, and one brush cleaner with good towels which further dry your shoes.

Step-by-Step Guide

Simply tell you what you need whenever you want to wash your running shoes in the washing machine, but here is a simple and quick guide that further provides you to wash your shoes safely and easily.

Step 1: After collecting your dirty shoes and sneakers. Allow each shoe to soak overnight in a solution of 3 teaspoons of baking soda sprinkled into the soles. Remove this when you wake up.

Step 2: In step two; You may prevent the lacing and soles from entangling by placing them in a sheet or washing bag. After that, the shoes go into the washing machine for a final wash. Use an old paintbrush or a brush cleanser to remove as much dirt and dust from your pair of shoes or sneakers as feasible.

Step 3: Succeeding, Add a few towels and your footwear to the wash. We’d say 4 to 6 is a good number. To keep shoes from smashing into the interior of the washer, add a few clothes to the wash.

Step 4: In step four; Use a cleaning solution and the cold gentle cycle in the washing. The time it takes to wash a load of laundry might range from 30 to 40 minutes, relying on the model of washer you have.

Step 5: The shoes should be taken out of the washing machine and dried in the sun. If the manufacturer advises about machine cleaning, use a moist rag and detergent to clean the exterior. When it comes to footwear, experts advise against drying them in a dryer, as this might disrupt the adhesive that binds them intact.

How I Dry Running Shoes?

For very quick dry your running shoes, simply remove the lacing and insoles of your shoes. Then you can hold and keep in under the sun or the fresh air. This is because they are much more sensitive and it is much better to dry in fresh air.

Never use the drying machine or any other radiators or hairdryers after wash shoes in the washing machine. They will destroy your shoes and melt the all glue. Which is a really bad sign for your running shoes.


Verify your shoes before wash in the washing machine. If the company warns against machine washing, just clean the outside with a wet cloth and soap. Let the shoes fully dry after stuffing them with paper.

Final Words

Above is a simple and quick guide on how you wash your running shoes in a washing machine. You need some proper things or stuff which are easily available in the market at a very affordable price. Simply use them to wash your running shoes. Our simple step-by-step guide will help you how you can simply and safely wash your running shoes. At last, we just guide them on how to dry their running shoes after washing shoes in the washing machine. Use sun or fresh air, and never use the dryer to dry your shoes. It will destroy your shoes.

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