The question is from the audience, can I run in basketball shoes? You need to understand that a basketball game is a game in which you require a lot of runs and also you need to jump in these shoes.

Basketball shoes are specially made for your ankle sport, so you can jump higher with any injury and besides that, you can run a lot during your game on the court.  While on the other end, running shoes are made especially for running, these special shoes, provide you with ankle support and you can run even longer than usual.

While watching the above lines, it is saying that you can use your basketball shoes for running purposes. Even some lightweight shoes provide you with more flexibility while you running.

Running Shoes VS Basketball Shoes

Running shoes

Running shoes are Specially made for running. The manufacturer keeps in mind that they run even longer with keeping the forward motion in mind. They are much more comfortable, and supportive, and have high cushioning while you running. They are mostly used on roads and trails, to face different terrains – hard and soft ground. Besides the fact that they are lightweight and provide comfort and support, they have the capacity to run for longer periods of time.

Basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are designed for basketball players. Because they turn every time and take all positions, jumping, running, and turning around for every 2-3 seconds of the game. 

This shoe provides good ankle stability and decent shock absorption, and yet is flexible and allows lateral movements. Besides this, these are special for basketball, they may little heavier but good shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Running in Basketball Shoes

Mostly basketball shoes are not well for running shoes. But some contain the feature for running it in also. Basketball shoes are usually worn on the court. They are made with special stuff to jump, run, and turn around quickly.  But in basketball shoes, you can run a little, after some time you take a rest for some seconds and minutes, then the shoes take rest also. They have enough cushioning to not run so much longer.

But while running, you need to run a very long, you don’t take a rest, sometimes running a mile, then the running shoes work very properly. They have much support and cushioning to run longer than ordinary shoes. Along with that, the basketball shoes are a little heavier and may have optimal traction, which may slow down while you running in basketball shoes. This is because basketball shoe provides good stability for very quick movements in a game.

How Basketball Shoes Are Good for Running?

Here is the guide on how your basketball shoes are good for running, following are some points that help you to select, whether it is good for you or not!

Excellent Cushioning

If you have a shoe with excellent cushioning, then it will help you to run in a basketball shoe. As most of the time, it contains good cushioning, because players can jump, run, and move in many directions in the game.

Short Distance Run

If you want to distance yourself for some miles in a week, then basketball shoes will help you. But nearly 10 miles, if you run in these shoes, then this will damage the whole shoe. This is because the basketball shoe is heavier than the running shoe. If you are a runner and run a long distance, then must buy good running shoes.

Avoid Surfaces

If you are wearing basketball shoes and want to run while wearing them. Then avoid the snow, hard concrete, and sand surfaces for avoiding to lose any traction. Because snow is slippery, concrete is much harder and sand is much soft, it adds more weight to your feet.

Fit Perfectly

Basketball shoes are heavier than running shoes. You need a proper size of shoes which fit you perfectly and snugly. It will help to avoid injury related to the ankle and heel and prevent lower back pain. And also helps in a game and while running.

How Basketball Shoes Are Not Good for Running

Above are some guides, on how you can utilize your basketball shoes for running, and here are some points which we don’t recommend using for running!

Not Good For Long Runs

We discuss in the above lines if you are a good runner or a professional runner, never use basketball shoes for running. Invest in proper running shoes. Because basketball shoes are different from running shoes.


  • Fast lateral movement
  • Ankle support
  • High level of traction
  • Good Stability
  • Flat, hard heels for landing


  • Little Heavy
  • Lower shock absorption

Above are some strengths and weaknesses of basketball shoes, which really stop runners to use in running.

Distance Guide

Usually, if you want to run in basketball shoes, yes you can run in these shoes. But not used for long runs. You can use them for short runs which are usually less than 10 miles in a week. If you want to run more, then go for running shoes, otherwise, it will ruin basketball shoe traction, cushioning, and their durability and you can’t use them for a very long time.

Final Words:

Above is the guide, can you run in basketball shoes? So, we simply tell you that you can run in these shoes but viewing some factors, you can’t use the basketball shoes for running as well. Lastly, if you want to run, your shoe must have good cushioning and don’t run longer in a basketball shoe. However, you can run wearing basketball shoes comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run in basketball shoes?

Yes, you can run in basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are designed to provide support, stability, and cushioning, which are important for the quick lateral movements and jumps involved in basketball. While they may not be specifically designed for long-distance running, basketball shoes can still be used for running or jogging. However, it’s worth noting that they may not offer the same level of flexibility and breathability as running shoes, which are designed specifically for running activities.

Are basketball shoes suitable for running on different surfaces?

Basketball shoes are primarily designed for indoor courts, which have flat and smooth surfaces. They typically feature a rubber outsole that provides good traction on indoor courts. While you can use basketball shoes for running on other surfaces like pavement or grass, it’s important to consider that the traction and support may not be optimized for these surfaces. Running shoes, on the other hand, are designed with specific outsole patterns and materials to provide better grip and stability on various terrains.

Can I use basketball shoes for other sports or activities besides basketball and running?

Basketball shoes are primarily designed for basketball, focusing on providing ankle support, cushioning, and traction needed for quick movements on the court. However, they can be used for other activities that involve similar movements and require good ankle support, such as volleyball or tennis. It’s important to note that basketball shoes may not be the best choice for activities that primarily involve running or have different footwear requirements, like soccer or track and field. For each sport or activity, it’s recommended to choose footwear specifically designed for its unique demands to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury.

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