No concern as to how clean your feet maybe, your feet will still deliver a bad fragrance, particularly if you wear the identical pair of closed-toe shoes day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if you’re just walking,  running, or simply sitting all day long, your feet will commonly sweat — and this issue facing some people more than others. However, this moisture in the shoes raises bacteria growth, which – you guessed it – creates them to stink.

To keep your shoes smell-free and let your feet fresh, you must do your feet and your shoes dry as possible. Try to change your shoes and socks every day. Either some more steps you may follow to stop your shoes from smelling very instantly.

Prevention (Care for Shoe + Foot)

How do you rid the odor of shoes?

The first step in eradicating smelly shoes is to avoid the situation from ever developing in the first instance. Here are some strategies for keeping stinky feet and shoes at bay: 

1. Maintaining a regular foot care regimen is essential

What is the best way to remove the smell from shoes? Stinky feet are the first step to stinky shoes. Daily, make sure to wash your feet with high-quality soap. Especially wash your heels and toes.  You can usually get rid of foot odor and dirty shoes simply by cleaning your feet daily.

2. Change up your footwear selection

A common issue when this comes to caring for shoes and extending their lives, is that it’s equally applicable for the purpose of eradicating odor. Just because you work over 8 hours and your shoes absorb a lot of sweat or moisture. Hence, you need to change your shoes and socks every day.

3. Wear sweat-sucking socks

You need proper work socks which you wear at work and on other occasions. There are plenty of socks out there these days that have sweat-wicking properties. Invest in those socks which have these moisture-wicking properties.

4. Maintaining a shoe care regimen is important

After each time you wear your shoes, be sure to fully disinfect and clean them. Give them a quick wipe down with an antiseptic wash after a lengthy day. Try to wash the insoles of the shoe every day.

5. Wash them

Shoes can and should be washed at least once in their lifecycle. Arya suggests washing shoes once every two months. Different shoes use for different purposes, wash the shoes on viewing some factors about their quality. Yeah, you must wash your shoes after a tiny cycle of shoe life.

6. Keep them dry

Bacteria and other microorganisms grow in damp conditions, so keep your shoes dry, for instance, by stuffing them with newspaper or some kind of other paper or clothing after work. Storing shoes out in the sun has also been proven to be an efficient method of drying and sanitizing footwear.

7. Change insoles

Insoles have a great effect on building moisture and increasing your feet’ sweat. Try to change your shoe insoles to take advantage of the smell-free shoes as this will increase also the lifespan of your shoe.

8. Use Sunlight

One of the good and tested methods is to hold your shoe in front of sunlight for a day. It will absorb all moisture and give your shoe smell-free functionality. You can apply this technique after you can wash your shoe for better drying and take off all odor.

9. Freeze the shoes

You may apply this technique if your shoe is smelling a lot! During the night, place your stinky boots in a plastic container and freeze them. The odor-causing germs will be killed by chilling the shoes.

10. Baking soda 

Even if freezer approach doesn’t work, baking soda, in large quantities, can be used to remove the odor from your shoes overnight. This will work very much in most cases.

11. Use Sprays

For better get a shoe that has smell-free functionality, you can use some sprays available in the market to get odor-free shoes.


In conclusion, banishing unpleasant odors from our shoes can be effortlessly achieved through a variety of simple yet effective methods. By incorporating readily available household items such as baking soda, vinegar, or essential oils, we can neutralize and eliminate foul smells instantly. Additionally, consistent shoe maintenance and proper airing after wear are vital habits to prevent future odors. Remember, a fresh-smelling pair of shoes not only enhances our personal comfort but also leaves a positive impression on those around us. Embracing these quick and practical solutions ensures that we can confidently step forward without the worry of lingering odors. So, let us bid farewell to shoe odors and welcome a fragrant and pleasant walking experience with every step we take.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes shoes to stink?

When a lot of bacteria is growing then it caused the shoes to stink. Poor hygiene is another reason why shoes stink. During the night.

Is there a way to remove the odor from shoes without having to wash them?

Without washing your shoe, you can also smell out from your shoes. Use the UV power and also use baking soda. Moreover, you can wash the insoles of the shoe if you did not wash the whole shoe.

What's the best way to remove stink from shoes?

By letting the foot odor out of shoes, you can use the trick to place in your freezer and if not working then use baking soda to remove smell.

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