When you buy a new pair of shoes, they will be hard and flexible. It will hard to make the chemistry between your feet and the new pair of shoes. So that’s why your ankle might get hurt that.

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You should be more cautious about buying comfortable shoes that will never your ankle. Because of hurting shoes feet will not feel comfortable and it creates a painful effect on your walk. There is the following damage that hurtable shoes will create on your feet.

How to Prevent Shoes From Cutting Ankles in 2023

Side Effects

Friction Blisters

Friction Blisters are a disease that will be created at the back of your ankle due to the hardness and unfitness of the shoes that you will be buying. In it, a small bubble of fluid creates on the back of your ankle that will be hurtful for your feet when you walk around.

If the irritation will be caused because of your poor-fitting shoes then it may affect the blood vessels and then the bubble filled up with blood then which will be known as Blood Blisters.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis is a type of overuse injury that will create due to the use of poor-fitting and shoes which are rubbed with your ankle. By wearing that type of shoes when you run and suddenly increase your speed then it causes that type of injury.


It is a type of disease that is caused due to inflamed bursae (fluid-filled sacs). This will affect your bones muscles and tendons that will be near your joints like feet joint. Bursitis occurs near those joints that create continuous motion. If you wear poor-fitting shoes it will occur and it really painful for your feet.

Ways To Prevent Shoes from Cutting Ankle

Be aware during Buying Shoes

When you going shopping and want to buy a new pair of shoes then be careful during buying them. Because if you carelessly buy new shoes that will be painful for your feet then is no benefit of buying new shoes and when your feet get hurt it will change your beautiful walk into a horrible.

You should buy that pair of shoes in which your feet comfortably manage and with soft leather. During buying shoes make sure that the pair of shoes is similar to what you are wearing before.

Thick Socks

You should wear a thick sock like a net. you should try to wear double socks because wearing double socks can reduce friction between the shoes and your ankle by interacting with each other.

Fit able Insole

Insole plays an important role in preventing and creating hurt of your ankle. It depends on the quality of the insole which makes it useful or harmful for your feet.

If the insole is properly fit and comfortable for your feet that it prevents from your ankle hurt. Insole will minimize the friction between your back ankle and the shoes by decreasing the surface area.

Role of Moleskin

Use of moleskin for the purpose of preventing hurting of your ankle from the shoes.

It’s a flexible, fabric cotton that will be used at the back of the ankle.

How can we use it?

Cut a piece of adhesive moleskin according to your feet and adhere at the back of your ankle and then it will prevent shoes from cutting the ankle.

Contact with a Cobbler

When your shoes are not fit and comfortable for your feet and continuously hurt your ankle then contact an expert cobbler and tell them about the difficulty that you face about walking in your shoes and tell him to fix shoes according to your requirements.

The Cobbler will fix it according to your requirements that will fix the problem that you are facing with your shoes. Then it will also prevent shoes from cutting the ankle.

Role of Heat

By using a small amount of heat, we can fix the shoes according to the requirements of your feet. For heating purposes, first, wear a pair of flexible socks and shoes and use a hairdryer at medium. After heat up your shoes from a distance that will melt a little bit your shoes and fit with your feat.

Don’t overheat it, because by overheating your meltdown, and then your feet will be burnt. So that’s why to be careful during heating your shoes. By heating, when your shoes melt a little bit then it will be comfortable to walk and prevent shoes from cutting ankle.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is useful for use at the ankle. It is easily available at any drug shop at a cheap price. Purpose of using duct tape, to decrease the force of friction between the ankle and the shoes.

How can we use it?

Duct Tape is used as a band Aid. just peel it and adhere to the adhesive part of it at the ankle of your feet. Then it will prevent shoes from cutting the ankle.

Use of Vaseline

As we know that Vaseline is in a liquid shape that can be used to decrease the friction between the moisture and the skin. In that case, we can also use a little layer of Vaseline at our feet to prevent it from cutting the ankle. How can it prevent cutting the ankle? it will reduce the friction between our ankles and shoes. So that’s why it’s really useful in that case.


In conclusion, taking proactive measures to prevent shoes from cutting into the ankle is essential for ensuring comfort, mobility, and overall foot health. By selecting properly fitting footwear and paying attention to key features such as padding, support, and material, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing painful cuts and blisters around the ankle area. Regularly checking for any signs of wear and tear in shoes and replacing them when necessary is also crucial in maintaining ankle safety. Additionally, adopting proper sock choices and using protective padding can further enhance ankle protection. Lastly, it is essential to listen to one’s body and address any discomfort or irritation promptly to avoid potential long-term injuries. By implementing these preventative measures, individuals can enjoy a more comfortable and pain-free experience while wearing shoes, allowing them to focus on their daily activities with confidence and ease.

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