Millions of people have wide feet. You are not alone in that containing wide feet. If you have wide feet you must consider what is the best way to lace running shoes for wide feet. Because every runner wants a snug fit shoe that lasts longer and goes for a big game.

It is much better and every runner and also every athletic who wears the shoes for a game wants a good outdoor shoe which has a lot of features which is perfect in size, their outsole, insole and stuff which are used in the shoe.

For instance, size is playing important role in running or other games, you should look at the perfect size whenever you want to buy new shoes in the online market or in a local shop. 

Wide feet people really face serious issues when they want a buy new shoes, get a perfect size shoe and the next step is lace perfectly your running shoes for running. Here is the guide about how you lace your running shoes for wide feet.

How to Lace Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Normal feet people easily lace their shoes, but it is almost the same but wide feet people lace their shoes according to viewing some techniques and methods, we conclude the following methods to how you perfectly lace running shoes for wide feet.

There are popular two ways for those who have wide feet and face difficulty in lacing the shoes. Following are two methods by which you can follow and lace your shoes for wider feet.

Crisscross Lacing

The first method is the Crisscross lacing method for those who have wide feet. The lacing method is normal but the one important difference that will make them perfect for the wider feet of people.

Step 1:

Hold the two ends of the lace and push each one through the front eyelet. This is the initial first step for lacing the perfect running shoes.

Step 2:

Step two includes Crisscross the lace through the next two alternate eyelets. Hold them and lace them until going to the last eyelets.

Step 3:

The last step; Continue to crisscross, but only use alternate eyelets. At the end continuing the crisscross, you will reach the last eyelets. At last, bind the laces and you can perfectly lace your shoes.

Above are the simple three steps for those who want to lace their shoes for wider feet. But remember, you should finish the lace with the two equal lengths of lace and then tied them for a better fit.

Parallel Lacing

The second method which wider feet must follow is the parallel lacing method. Using this strategy ensures that the stress on each region of the feet is spread equally. This is why it works.

Step 1:

The first step includes the strings should be stuffed through the holes at the front of the shoe.

Step 2:

The lace should be threaded through two consecutive holes with one end held in each hand. In other words, two on either side of each other. The second step is more important for this parallel method to lace perfectly.

Step 3:

Take care of the opposite end the same way.

Each set of holes should have a parallel strip of lacing connecting together in a corresponding design. Typically it is a good method and lace perfect for the people who have wide feet and want to run in running shoes.

Concerns Associated with Wide feet

Those who have wide feet should be concerned about their feet. Take a proper pair of shoes or boots is necessary for this type of person. Because the shoe is a part of the foot that helps to foot to remain in comfort and ease.

Also, the shoes are a part of the foot that causes you so much stress, increases the pain and blisters, and certain deformities if your footwear has much tight or narrow. some can be made for:

It is necessary to consider a good pick. Your shoes were neither tight nor loose. Pick a perfect size. And at the end after picking good shoes, lace your shoes perfectly with the above two methods.


Properly lacing your running shoes is essential, especially if you have wide feet. The right lacing technique can make a significant difference in terms of comfort and performance during your runs. By following the “Loop Lacing” method and making use of shoes specifically designed for wide feet, you can ensure a more enjoyable running experience. Don’t forget to experiment with different lacing styles and lace tension to find the perfect fit for your unique foot shape. Remember, well-fitted shoes can prevent discomfort, reduce the risk of injuries, and ultimately allow you to focus on achieving your running goals with ease. Happy running!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is lacing technique important for wide feet in running shoes?

Lacing technique plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable and secure fit for wide feet. Proper lacing can help distribute pressure evenly, reduce friction, and prevent discomfort or foot pain during running. It ensures that your feet have enough room to breathe and move without feeling restricted.

What is the best lacing method for wide feet?

The “Loop Lacing” method is often recommended for individuals with wide feet. Start by lacing your shoes normally until you reach the middle eyelets. Then, instead of crossing the laces, feed each lace end through the opposite side’s eyelets, creating loops. Continue lacing as usual for the remaining eyelets and tie your shoes securely. This technique provides more space in the midfoot area, accommodating wide feet comfortably.

Are there any additional tips for runners with wide feet?

Yes, there are a few more tips to enhance the comfort and fit of running shoes for wide feet. Firstly, choose running shoes designed explicitly for wide feet to ensure a better fit from the start. Secondly, consider using thinner, round laces that help distribute pressure more evenly. Lastly, try different lacing methods and adjust the tightness as needed until you find the most comfortable configuration for your feet.

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