Simply, if you play a professional game or maybe you play a game for practice, you need a proper guide that how you can lace your basketball shoes. Because half tie or loose laces basketball shoes give you severe injury.

Basketball shoes are designed to provide complete support and comfort related to your feet and ankles. And lacing system can play a big role for maintain your feet life and shoe life.

However, if you quickly laced a shoe and go for a game on the court. When you come back then you will notice that your shoes are hit by sore disease and some kind of other foot diseases.

So proper guide is required that how to laced the basketball shoe hurry and quickly. Because players do have not enough time to take time of laced the shoe. So, here is a quick guide, that how you can tie your basketball shoes in a cool way.

Different Methods To Tie Your Basketball Shoes

Here are 2 methods for normal feet and wider feet people, how they can lace your shoes in a smart way, check out now!

Normal Or High-Arches Feet Lacing

There are many ways to lace your basketball shoes, but sometimes it is not perfect and doesn’t work well for you, and causes many diseases like sore and plantar fasciitis. But here are some quick guides for high-arches and normal-feet people, who can lace their shoes with this guide!

  • The bottom set of holes should be continually laced up in a criss-cross manner, and then the shoes should be stopped.
  • Before tying the right shoelace, lace up the left one first, then the right one, and so on, to support a higher arch and provide more strength and longevity.
  • When you get to the last set of eyelets at the front of the shoe, crisscross the laces again. Tighten the laces of your shoes as usual, but don’t leave them untied.

Simply these are the steps, which high-arches people should follow to avoid any dangerous disease and get better stability in a game. Here is also the video guide that how you can lace high-arches feet.

Wider Feet Lacing

Above are the guide to high-arches feet people, and if you have wide feet and you can lace your shoes, then here is a quick guide that how you can lace your basketball shoes for wider feet instantly.

  • The laces should be laced into the first hole on the sole.
  • Then, for the following series of holes, simply lace the shoelaces right up the shoe without intersecting them.
  • This method of lacing should be continued until you reach the top of the foot with your shoelaces. When the shoe is fastened, the foot will not be squeezed.
  • Finish tying the shoe by crisscrossing the laces through the remaining eyelets.

Here is a quick guide to how wider feet people lace their basketball shoes properly. Also, here is the video guide that how the wide feet people lace their shoes in a good way.

Toe Pains Lacing

Sometimes, you can lace your shoes but sometimes it hurts your feet, in this way, if your toe pains so much then you can try this technique for lacing your shoes to get rid of the pain. Check out the video guide for a better understanding.

How to Lace Basketball Shoes Casually

Now it is another question, how to lace basketball shoes casually? The basketball which is mostly used for outdoor and street wears is canvas chucks. This shoe contains a great feature, available in many colors with a rubber outsole.

Similarly, many other shoes are available, but you can place these types of sneakers. Here is a simple and quick guide by which you can easily lace up your basketball shoes casually.

  • Make sure that the laces face inwards towards the shoe’s tongue when you pass the lace through the bottom two holes of the shoe.
  • You can do this by adjusting the length of the laces. Lace up your shoes with the tongue facing away from you and the shorter of the two laces going through the uppermost hole on the opposite side of your shoes.
  • Take the longer piece of lace and pass it through the holes sideways until you get to the top eyelet, then cut the excess lace. You should now be able to tie the shoe with two sections of horizontal laces.

While this is a simple guide for those who can lace their basketball shoes casually. So these are the simple three points that you can follow and lace your shoe instantly.

What Should the Tightness of Your Basketball Shoes Be?

An inadequately tied basketball shoe can put you in danger of many injuries. This game will test your physical power. You will do a bunch of jumping and turning directions at a very great speed. Also, you will run around the court for many minutes.

It is recommended that basketball shoes have a medium amount of tightness in the heel and ankle areas. Your toes should have almost a thumbnail of space before the end, providing them with lots of room to move around. This mixture is tight enough to give ankle comfort and stability without restricting movement.

In the end, we saying that your shoe is laced properly, you can check this by feeling this technique, where you find comfort when you lace up your shoes, where lace the shoes to prevent any disease and provide your feet support and comfort.

Final Words

Here is the complete guide, on how to lace basketball shoes properly. With that, we say some final words. Don’t go into a game or court with your shoes laced halfway and tied loosely.

This is because basketball shoes are designed to provide you with complete comfort, support, and protection while you playing a game. Then the laces are an important part of better grip and stability while playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tie basketball shoes without the laces showing?

Tie the shoes commonly and tuck the laces under the tongue of the shoe to hide them from view. You should perpetually tie a double knot in the lace to prevent them from coming untied.

What is the best way to lace basketball shoes?

Traditional lace up system is the best way to lace basketball shoes. You should cross one lace over the other until you touch the top of the shoe. For high-arches and wider feet people lace up guide is above in the article.

What are the different methods to lace basketball shoes?

There are several lacing techniques you can use to secure your basketball shoes and achieve a comfortable fit.

Here are three popular methods:

  • Criss-Cross Lacing
  • Parallel Lacing
  • Loop Lacing (Heel Lock)

How do I choose the best lacing method for my basketball shoes?

The choice of lacing method depends on your specific needs and foot characteristics:

  • Comfort and Fit
  • Ankle Support and Wide Feet
  • Heel Slippage

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