It is hard to not going for running if you are a notorious runner and you don’t care about the weather, whether is good or not. You just go for a long run as you do this every day. You want to run in every situation.

So it is raining outside but you want to go for a run. You can run a very long. And complete your daily job for running a lot. But in this bad weather, you might be run but your shoes might be ruin after your run.

To properly take care of your shoes is necessary after you run in this weather. You can properly know how you can dry your shoes to maintain their durability and comfortability. If you will take care of your shoe, its lifespan will increase and provide you maximum comfort.

How to Dry Wet Running Shoes

After complete the run, it is time to care for your shoes to maintain their lifespan and comfort. To maintaining their life, we have a quick guide on how to dry wet running shoes quickly and safely.

Method 1

Step 1:

The first step is; Remove the insoles (or orthotics if you wear them) from your shoes and totally loosen the laces. You can also separate your shoelaces for much better and quick results.

Step 2:

The following second step for dry your shoes; Pull the tongue of the shoe forward, this is doing because the air will easily circulate completely the shoe. Which further saves the time to dry faster.

Step 3:

Step number three is noticeable. You must find a dry place and then place your shoe in a dry place. A dry place helps the shoes to dry much faster. Make sure some newspapers are placed under the shoes.

Step 4:

Further, this step is compulsory. Never apply artificial heat to your running sneakers or shoes to dry them such as blow dryers, drying machines, baseboard heaters, radiators, etc because this type of heat will destroy your shoe immediately.

Step 5:

If shoes are exceedingly wet, insert some crumpled up dry newspaper into them for some minutes and the paper will absorb some of the moisture from your shoes. Remove the newspaper and then dry using the steps above. OR How to dry wet running shoes without a newspaper? There is another method is using the Stuffitts for Shoes.

Cedar-stuffed inserts with a removable, washable cover are called “Stuffit.” Stuffit speeds up the drying process and reduces the odor of your shoes at the same time. Stuffit Shoe Savers has a leather sling strap connected to them for portability. To speed up the drying process, simply stuff the Stuffitts into your soaking-wet shoes.

Step 6:

Wet shoes are a badge of honor. You were out running when most wouldn’t even venture outdoors!

Step 7:

The second pair of running shoes to turn will ensure you that you have a dry pair ready for your next run.

Method 2

Using Fan

All houses contain fans. Simply remove the insoles from your shoes and loosen all laces, and stretch out the shoes’ tongues, these techniques increase the speed of drying fast in front of the fan.

If your house contains only ceiling fan, you can also place under the ceiling fan but it is very good to place these shoe on the chair. So the air passes these shoes easily and fastly and dries your wet shoes fastly.

Placed Under the Sun

It is a much working method that you can place your wet shoes under the sun. It is much working and saves you a lot of time and dry your shoe in no time. But it is notable it may ruin your shoe color, their material. If you want to keep under the sun so you can only place some minutes to avoiding any destruction in the shoe.

How to Stop Running Shoes From Getting Wet

Change your socks and shoes quickly as you reach home because they will get damp while you are fasting. To ensure that your shoes are dry, stuff them with paper. This will expedite the drying process and minimize the chance of warping due to moisture intrusion. 

You can prevent your running shoes from getting wet by applying some lotions. Use Duct Tape or Body Glide Balm, this will help your shoes to prevent blisters and bound your shoes to increase the lifespan of your running shoe.

Things To Avoid

Following are the two things you might be used for drying your shoes but they damage and destroy your shoes instantly. Try to avoid the following things;


Don’t ever use any kind of dryer to dry your shoes. It will ruin your shoes completely. Besides being a waste of time and energy, the heat can enhance the odor factor as well as damage materials and adhesives.


You might be used this technique, but as we said earlier it provides you less benefit and give you more loss. If you placed your shoes for an hour or longer, it will ruin your shoes and destroy the color and materials. This method dries quickly but it can damage your shoes much faster.

Final Words

If you got caught in the rain during your run, now don’t worry about this. Above are the 2 methods to dry your wet running shoes fastly and safely. Applying one of the two methods you can get back your shoes in normal.

These 2 methods are very safe and fast, but never use any dryer because it will ruin your shoes completely and waste your money. Also, avoid not using the sun to dry your running shoes.

Simply applying the one method, the first method is most preferred and works well, and using a high speed fan is a very good idea to dry your shoes. And avoiding these two things will help your shoes dry faster and safely.

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