If you go for a run and run along. In the end, you notice that your shoes are filled with mud. A lot of mud is attached to your shoes. This mud not only increases the weight of your shoe but also damages or destroys the outsole of your shoe.

Though, you should be aware of the truth that running shoes are constructed to provide the feature of durability and tractability. They contain premium material that holds your feet comfortable and extends the life of the shoe.

But the mud is more dangerous. They destroy the sole of the shoe, you may think that some ordinary care will help you to protect your shoe but it is hard that a proper guide and method is necessary to protect your shoes from dirt.

How to Remove Mud from Running Shoes?

The best way is to clean your shoes every day and protect you from smell any shoe, which means whenever you run, you can clean them. A proper material is necessary which we mention in the article, let’s view them how to clean muddy running shoes in different methods.

Method 1

Their many methods, one of the best methods is following, which provides you a very good result in no time, the only thing is to wait until that mud is drying completely.

  • Dry the Mud

In the first step, allowing your shoes to completely dry the mud, takes time you can keep your shoes in the plastic wrapper to dry them fastly, however, this is a really cool method that cleaned your shoes well.

  • Remove the Dried Mud

When you notice that your shoes are dried, the next step is to remove the all mud. This action can take you can beat both shoes with each other Or slapping the shoes with the hard surface of the floor. This mud is removed instantly.

If some you see some mud is kept on the shoe. You can wipe the shoe down with a dry paper towel. It will help you take off all mud that is left in the shoes. Then further no mud is found in the shoe.

Method 2

Wash with a Washing Machine

This is method number two. If you feel that your shoes are very dirty and a lot of mud you can find in your shoes. You can wash your running shoes with a washing machine. You must wash your running shoes in cold water. Hot water destroys your shoes. 

Nevertheless, avoid putting the machine in a cycle that is extremely quick as this could end up creating critical harm to your shoes.

Dry the Shoes

After washing your shoes in the washing machine. Your next step is to dry your shoes. It is recommended that you dry your shoes in the sun or in the fresh air. It will dry your shoes without providing any harm to your shoe.

It is also recommended that you can never use any dryer like never your dryer machine, or hairdryer. These dryers will harm your shoes and further, they remove the glue which destroys your shoes in no time.

Method 3

Clean With Scrub Brush

Cleaning your shoes to remove any grime or dust stains is recommended. Old toothbrushes can be used to remove the caked-on grime. You can clean the insole and outsole of the shoes with this scrub brush.

Prepare a Cleansing Mixture

Put warm water in the sink (make sure that the water is not much warm). And apply a washing detergent tablespoon to it. With a single touch, you may create sparkling bubbles.

Separate Vibram Soles and Lacings

The lacing and the cushions should be cleaned individually. Wash them individually because they can be washed in harsher ways. Store them apart from your footwear in a distinct location.

Rub With A Sponge

Soak a sponge with detergent liquid and use it to clean. Wipe it to get rid of any leftover liquid. Scrub muddy and unclean stain spots with the sponge. An old brush can be used to scour difficult areas.

When the marks are no longer apparent after scrubbing with a sponge, soak the other sponge in plain hot water. To remove the excessive detergent substance from the shoe, wipe it with this sponge.

Dry the Shoes

Again repeat the process mentioned above about drying the shoes after washing them, dry using the sun or fresh air, and never use any dry which harms your shoes.

What about Laces?

Dirty shoes can be cleaned with a toothbrush soaked in the washing liquid if your lacing is extremely filthy. Wipe the muck from the lacing completely. If you find your laces are much dirty and muddy, then you can also wash them in a washing machine or wash them in a plastic boil with the help of an old toothbrush.

What about Shoes Insoles?

The insoles are also significant pieces of the shoes and need to wash regularly because it is an important part of the game which provides an impact on the shoe either positive or negative. If you are playing or running in your shoe, your feet sweat down to the insoles. Such spray insoles are sticky. So, it contributes a strong and stabilized soil for bacterial creation.

Such bacteria have been made to melt sweat down. Thanks to their loss of blood, the scent of the shoes is stinky. It is accordingly necessary to frequently wash and brush your footbed with a good soapy solution so that you can clean the stubborn smell of running shoes.

Though, With them, you can get rid of it with methods if your insoles have accumulated an irritating odor. By holding a soft cloth layer in your shoes’ insoles completely the night to remove the scent, deodorize the socks. You should drip a sheet of paper or towel with essential oil drops and retain it in the insoles for warmer nights.

Final Words

In a simple and quick guide, we provide a guide of the 3 best methods on how to clean muddy running shoes. The first method is one of the leading and best methods, however, the other 2 methods work extremely well.

If you don’t have much mud simply dry the mud and then remove it by smashing them on the hard surface of the floor. If you find a lot of mud on your shoes then simply wash them using the washing machine, however, using an excessive washing machine for washing your shoes is also not a very good idea. Simply follow one of the 3 methods which we have mentioned above in the article. Hope it really works well for you if you applied any of the mentioned methods in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean muddy running shoes?

A: Cleaning muddy running shoes can be a simple process if you follow the right steps.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Remove excess mud
  • Rinse with water
  • Remove the insoles
  • Clean the shoe uppers
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry
  • Apply a protective spray

Can I put my muddy running shoes in the washing machine?

It is generally not recommended to put muddy running shoes in the washing machine, as the agitator and harsh spinning motion can damage the shoes. Additionally, the heat from the machine can affect the shoe’s materials and cause them to lose their shape. It’s best to follow the manual cleaning steps mentioned above to ensure proper care and maintenance of your running shoes.

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