Nowadays we went to different functions like Music parties, Club parties, Marriage parties, and others. We were confused when we had to decide what type of dress I should wear and what type of shoes I should wear when we had to make a decision.

The shoes are important for us same as that the Car has tires. We can say that the shoes are the tires of our feet. The car looks attractive if its tires are perfect. The same case is here a person looks attractive if his shoes look beautiful. There are some rules that you should use to buy perfect festivals shoes.


At first look, we were inspired by the design of shoes. If the design is awesome, we select it and said to the seller to give him. After that, you look at the design from different angles like top angle, bottom angel, middle angle, and far angle.

There are different variants in Festival’s shoes. In some designs, the sole of the shoes is flat. Some have folded soles. Some have folded soles from the front side and End side.

Here we are again confused about what design we should buy for the festival. The main point that you should focus on, you are buying the shoes and you have your own choice to buy the design that you like. The shoes that have flat sole is better for walk and running also. It looks attractive and gets the attention of people too.


After the select the design, you talk with the seller about the price. There are different prices in different variants. For Example, if I go to the factory and buy a pair of flat sole shoes, they would be cheap in price at the factory. And if I go to the market shop and buy a pair of flat shoes, their price would be high as compared to factory price.

We should buy medium price shoes that have the following qualities.

Long-lasting, flexible, lacing technique, lightweight and waterproof. You should buy a festival’s shoe price is greater than $200. That’s enough for you to buy medium-price shoes.


At the time of buying shoes, you should talk with the seller about the warranty. If he said there is no warranty then you should move to another shop. If he gave you a 6-month warranty then you should buy. This is the best method for you to choose a better quality of shoes.

If you buy a pair of shoes without a warranty then you will be responsible for that. If you go to the party and perform a dance with your partner, suddenly you slipped and the shoe sole separated from your feet. You feel guilty among the people. So you should select perfect and long-lasting shoes before buying.


Flexibility is a great point you should never miss. God made Human Flexible. With the power of flexibility, he can perform a lot of activities. If humans have no flexibility then they would break down from center at the time of performing the activity.

The same case is hare with our shoes, if our shoes have no flexibility then they break down from center at the time of walking. Sometimes the sole of shoes got different cuts after walking.

The question is here how we can check the better flexibility of shoes?

To check the Flexibility of shoes we grasp one hand at the front side of the shoes and another hand at the backside and began to rotate on the 3D axis or 360deg.


Waterproof is the basic quality that is adding to hunting shoes. But in a new era, it also added in other quality shoes such as school shoes, festivals shoes, Mountain shoes, and casual shoes even running shoes.

If your festival shoes have waterproof quality, you have got better shoes. And if you got shoes that have no waterproof quality, you have to find out waterproof quality shoes. Sometimes in party dance, your shoes got a drink from other people at the time of collusion.

In this case, your shoes lose their original color if they are not waterproof. Drinks have many harmful chemicals that can harm our shoes and feet also. You should remember that Drink is injurious to health.

When we wear waterproof festival shoes, and our shoes got a drink there is no effect on it. It will also be easy for us to remove drinks from shoes. Waterproofing is the technique that never allows any drop to move inside the shoes. It also does not permit to stop on shoes.

Lacing Technique:

We also should know about the lacing technique at the time of buying shoes. In the lacing technique, there are different styles on shoes. Some shoes have a simple lacing technique. Some shoes have complex lacing techniques.

The simple Lacing technique has not good effect on the tightness of shoes. But the complex bonding of the lacing technique has a good grip on shoes and feet also. In complex technique, shoes look perfect and tight the feet. You can easily perform dance and hip-hop in complex lacing shoes.


Nowadays, we are trying to lose weight. Lightweight is the first preference of everybody. If we don’t lose weight we will face difficulty in walking. Same as here, if our shoes are heavy in weight we will face difficulty in walking and running also.

So if we are buying festival shoes, then we should choose lightweight shoes. It will help you in walking and running. It also helps you to perform different activities at the party. You will feel free from shoes in lightweight. Your feet will thank you.


Festivals are refreshments for us. We can enjoy ourselves at parties when we are free. Shoes add a personality to our dressing. Our body language looks awesome with a beautiful dress. If humans have wealth, they should wear good clothes, dresses, and shoes. Shoes are the tires of our feet. Our body cannot complete without feet wear.

David James
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