When you get a new pair of shoes, The next step which you should know, how to break in basketball shoes faster. A proper pair of shoes along with taking proper size is the first main thing you must know.

It is good to go before playing your basketball game, you should wear them many times, so these shoes can adjust according to your foot. Proper good socks also play an important role for a break in shoes fastly.

So, after purchasing the good basketball shoes from the market or online store, it is a pretty nice moment when you have a shoe, but it must need a quick break-in to adjust it according to your foot.

Buy Great in Advance

Basketball shoes need adequate time to break in, it is recommended that you can buy your desire shoes before a month or at least some weeks before your tryouts. This is the most suitable step to buy them early.

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This time which you purchase your shoes provides a benefit, you can break in easily and the shoes are adjusted and fitted to your foot. And if any problem or you feel any inconvenience with the shoes, you can return them before your tryouts.

Wear in the Home

If you are well played, you must know that if you buy brand new sneakers and go for a game for a new shoe, then it will hurt you cause foot problems. That’s why a proper time is must be required for new shoes.

You can wear your new basketball shoes to your home. This is the working and the best way to break in your basketball shoes fastly. Wear in your house daily. Firstly, when you bought them, wear them for 10 minutes on the first day.

After wearing them for the first day of 10 minutes, the next day you can add 10 minutes more to wearing them in your house. By wearing these new shoes, you can do work in your home, as a usual time, you can doing at home.

Add your 10 minutes daily and wear them until and around the 6th day you can wear them for an hour and doing all your job at home. Wearing them for an hour or more in the next few days and continue this process for at least 20 days.

Following are the simple steps which you should follow:

  • Wear 10 minutes on the first day
  • Adding 10 minutes on the next day.
  • After a week, wear them for an hour
  • This process is repeated for at least 20 days.
  • If you have time, do this a couple of times.

Fine Socks

Socks play much important role for break in your shoes fastly. A thick sock is recommended. Wear the socks and then apply the above simple steps every day for a better and fastly break in your shoes.

If you feel that your basketball shoes are much snug, then it is recommended that wear the two pair of socks and simply follow the steps to wear daily and walk daily in these shoes for a quick and better break in.

After a week when you feel much comfort and feel that your shoes are almost adjusted with your feet. Then try to wear those socks which you usually wearing on the court or playing your game. This is because your feet are also adjusted with socks and shoes.

At last, after wearing for a week, try to jump, move right, move left and do some special exercises, which will help you in the court to work very well and provide you the comfort and support if you lace your basketball shoes properly.

Freeze Water Method

If you don’t have time to follow the above steps and you trying a much quicker method, then the Freeze Water method is also working. But you must know that NBA professional basketball does not follow this technique, and these are not for professionals. 

You place two-layer of polythene or plastic bags in your sports shoes with the open at the top in this method. You fill the bags with water and put your shoes in Freezer. After 4-6 hours, the water becomes in this time Ice and expands your shoes. Then, you take the shoes from Freezer and let the Ice become water again at normal room temperature. Now your basketball shoes are ready to wear much more flexibly than regular shoes. 

Avoid these Methods

If you want to break in shoes much faster, you may hear some other methods, but many of them give work, but here are some methods which you must not follow in any conditions;

  • Avoid alcohol. It drops marks on the shoes and ruins the oil of the leather.
  • Don’t ever hit shoes with a hammer or any solid things. It destroys the shoe back.
  • You may guess that a bigger size foot will make your shoe break, but it is a failure.

How to Break in New Basketball Shoes?

Here are some more quick guides, wear them daily for 10 minutes, for more quick results, wearing basketball shoes for an hour on the 4th day and try to walk and doing a normal job. After one week, trying to jump and running a bit in your shoes for a more quick result.

Do this for at least 15-20 days, then if you need a much quicker method, then simply followed the freeze water technique which expands the shoes in a very good way and much faster.

Final Words:

Above is a quick and short guide about how to break in basketball shoes. There are simply some steps which you follow for wearing them starting 10 minutes to one hour in a week and then try to run and jump in your house. But also, the much quicker technique is the freeze water method which really works well but is not recommended for professionals. Along with that at the end, we simply avoid you from using three simple things which harm your basketball shoes

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