Top 4 Best Waterproof Sneakers [Best Reviews 2023]

Top 4 Best Waterproof Sneakers [Best Reviews 2023]
Top 4 Best Waterproof Sneakers [Best Reviews 2023] (Image: © Human Life Essentials)

It’s raining like crazy outside and you probably think that your umbrella is enough to keep you dry – uh no! Your feet are drenched after one minute of walking in the rain, and now all you can think about are waterproof sneakers.

We’re sure most of you have been in this situation more than once: Wet sneakers, soaking socks, and freezing feet – yikes! With some of the best waterproof shoes available, like the vegan and beautiful Loom sneakers, you won’t have to worry about this next time.

Discover the ultimate blend of style and functionality with our selection of the best waterproof sneakers. Designed to keep you looking fashionable while offering protection from the elements, these sneakers are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or urban dweller. Stay dry and on-trend with these top picks in waterproof footwear.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker

Day-Long Comfort

Stylish Hybrid

All-Weather Ready

Most Popular Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX

Versatile Performance

Weather Resistance

Durable Construction

Budget Pick La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker

Comfortable Cushioning

Exceptional Traction

Durable Construction

Top 4 Best Waterproof Sneakers [Best Reviews 2023] Summary

Image Model Price
Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker See On Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX See On Amazon
La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker See On Amazon
Blondo Women’s Gracie Waterproof Sneaker Blondo Women’s Gracie Waterproof Sneaker See On Amazon

Top 4 Best Waterproof Sneakers [Best Reviews 2023] At a Glance:

Top 4 Best Waterproof Sneakers [Best Reviews 2023] Reviews

Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker (Image credit: Amazon)

Sorel Women's Out N About Plus Sneaker


Day-Long Comfort

Stylish Hybrid

All-Weather Ready


Limited Formality

You can probably tell by now that we have a thing for walking shoes, but that’s because we walk everywhere in shoes when we travel (especially to city destinations). The right kind of shoes is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and versatility, and these Teva waterproof women’s sneakers are no exception.

Teva is known to be one of the best shoe companies out there for comfortable walking shoes and these Teva sneakers deliver. You might not want to take them hiking, but you can happily walk for hours in these.

Just note that these boots tend to run slightly small, so it’s usually suggested to order a half size up. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to break these in, they pretty walk ready as soon as you put them on.

In essence, the Sorel Women’s Out N About Plus Sneaker seamlessly combines style, comfort, and versatility into a single, dynamic package. Its rugged yet fashionable design, coupled with its waterproof construction and reliable traction, make it an ideal companion for both urban adventures and outdoor escapades.

Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX (Image credit: Amazon)

Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX


Versatile Performance

Weather Resistance

Durable Construction


Limited Style Options

Your feet will thank you for years of shoe-making knowledge with the Verge 2.0 Low, which is both waterproof and breathable.

With a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX fabric, the outside mesh will keep your feet dry both inside and out, no matter how much you sweat. Additionally, these shoes have excellent grip in all types of slick and sticky conditions, but what really sets them apart is their flexible and comfy design.

Support for the last mile comes from a combination of an ultralight midsole and an ESS rock plate. Foam pucks in the heel and forefoot, meanwhile, provide a plush walking experience and improved responsiveness.

In conclusion, the Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX shoes offer a range of impressive benefits that cater to outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Their exceptional weather resistance, durable construction, and versatile performance make them a reliable choice for various activities.

While the limited style options might deter some fashion-conscious buyers, the focus on functionality ensures that these shoes excel in their intended purpose. For those seeking footwear that can handle challenging conditions and provide long-lasting comfort, the Under Armour Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX shoes prove to be a valuable investment.

La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker (Image credit: Amazon)

La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker


Comfortable Cushioning

Exceptional Traction

Durable Construction


Stiff Break-in Period

For those who are looking for a shoe that is equal parts sporty and fashionable, go no further than La Sportiva’s Wildcat style.

With these shoes, you’ll be able to avoid the “gym uniform” that pervades most college campuses nowadays while yet maintaining a level of originality that no Nike name can give.

They’ll keep your feet dry and toasty no matter the weather, whether it’s raining or snowing. In addition, the slightly curved bottoms of these shoes provide greater traction and shock absorption while leaping on slick surfaces.

Compared to other trail shoes, these shoes are almost indestructible in a city environment.

Additionally, the shoes' textured upper and subdued reflective branding on the sides provide visual interest without going overboard. They come in two colors: blue and black.

In conclusion, the La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat Trail Running Sneaker offers an array of benefits that cater to trail runners seeking both performance and durability. Its exceptional traction ensures a secure grip on various terrains, allowing you to confidently tackle challenging paths. The shoe’s robust construction guarantees a long lifespan, making it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts. While the stiff break-in period might pose a minor inconvenience, the comfort and support provided by the cushioning system ultimately make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize quality trail running footwear.

Blondo Women’s Gracie Waterproof Sneaker (Image credit: Amazon)

Blondo Women’s Gracie Waterproof Sneaker


Comfort and Support

Waterproof Performance

Stylish and Versatile


Limited Color and Style Options

Number five on our list with this ridiculous waterproof sneaker for women. This is a tough and durable pair that contributes years of service to women. It offers a casual look with additional practicality and will ensure that you have a great time with added comfort.

Moreover, this double gore slip-on pair will offer outstanding waterproofing features which make it amazing and ideal for all water sports. Of course, it also comes with sealed seams which make it incredible. Of course, this name is synonymous with refinement, quality, and comfort.

Furthermore, whether you love the material, style, or construction, this pair offers all those to perfection. The tough leather construction ensures that you have a magnificent time without fear of tearing or wearing it. And yes, the price is also fair and reasonable, so you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to have it.

Besides, this product offers value for the money thanks to its unique adherence, flexibility, and durability. Unlike most shoes that hurt your feet, this one is designed to offer comfort and keep your feet in tip-top condition for exceptional performance. So, if you want quality for your money, then this one would be an ideal pair.

In conclusion, the Blondo Women’s Gracie Waterproof Sneaker offers a compelling package of benefits that cater to both practicality and style. With its exceptional waterproof performance, you can confidently tackle various weather conditions while keeping your feet dry.

The stylish design ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality, making these sneakers a versatile choice for different settings. The comfort and support they provide further enhance their appeal, ensuring a comfortable experience even during extended wear. While the range of color and style options might be somewhat limited, the overall quality and performance of the Gracie Waterproof Sneaker make it a strong contender for anyone seeking reliable, stylish, and comfortable footwear.

Things to Consider When Buying Waterproof and Water-Resistant Sneakers

One of the worst feelings in life is to have soaked feet while going to work in the morning, thanks to the puddle you walked in or an unexpected spell of rain. The water that seeps through your shoes saturates your socks and things just go downhill from that point.

In fact, you can get soaked feet from water-resistant shoes.

So, investing in a good pair of waterproof shoes is necessary. In this section of the blog, we go through some things you need to consider.


This is also one of the most important things when looking to buy the best waterproof shoes for men or women. A shoe that pinches your feet, gives you a nasty shoe bite, or touches your toes the wrong way isn’t worth the money.

This is why it is essential to choose a shoe that’s easy to walk in and helps keep the rain out. Looking at the best interior material is one of the things to do to pick out a shoe that’s comfortable and easy to wear.


One of the biggest considerations when buying the best waterproof sneakers for men or women is durability. This means that once you invest in a pair of shoes, they should last you a long time and give you a bang for your buck. They should also work as described and shouldn’t soak up your feet.


The quality of the shoes is something that you shouldn’t compromise with. Often, people prefer picking a known brand because they’re familiar with the quality provided. It isn’t easy to determine a shoe’s quality online so, we encourage you to try out different shoes at your local store before coming to a conclusion.

Reading reviews is also a good way to ascertain the quality of the shoes.


While some people do prefer one material over the other due to personal preference, it is important to know what your shoes are actually made out of. In the previous section, we went through some of the materials used to make waterproof shoes.

You should go for a material that fits your price range, has excellent waterproofing done, and comes cloth-lined.

Final Thoughts:

Waterproof shoes are not only useful for demanding off-road tours. Especially, because of their robustness, high wearing comfort, and water-repellent properties, waterproof shoes are also the ideal and above all reliable companion for everyday life and work.

Our top pick for women for waterproof sneakers is Forsake Range Low – Women’s Waterproof Leather Sneaker and our top pick for men is Under Armour Men’s Verge 2.0 Low GORE-TEX.

Did the guide to the men’s and women’s waterproof sneakers help you with your purchase decision? If so, we look forward to your feedback in the form of a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do waterproof sneakers compromise comfort and breathability?

While waterproof sneakers prioritize water resistance, many brands and models also prioritize comfort and breathability. Manufacturers understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable and dry environment for your feet. Therefore, they incorporate breathable materials, moisture-wicking properties, and ventilation systems into the design of these sneakers. This helps to enhance airflow, prevent excessive sweating, and reduce discomfort during extended wear.

Can I wear waterproof sneakers in all types of weather?

Yes, waterproof sneakers are versatile and can be worn in various weather conditions. Whether it’s a rainy day, a snowy terrain, or a muddy trail, these sneakers are designed to provide reliable protection and keep your feet dry. They often feature sealed seams, waterproof membranes, and water-repellent materials to ensure maximum water resistance. However, it’s important to consider other factors such as temperature and breathability when choosing the appropriate footwear for specific weather conditions.

Are waterproof sneakers truly effective in keeping my feet dry?

Waterproof sneakers are designed with materials and technologies that provide a high level of water resistance. They are specifically crafted to keep your feet dry even in wet conditions. However, it is important to note that while they are highly water-resistant, they may not be completely impervious to water. In heavy rainfall or extreme water exposure, some water may eventually penetrate the sneakers. Nonetheless, they offer significantly better protection than regular sneakers in wet environments.

Can I clean waterproof sneakers without damaging their water resistance?

Yes, you can clean waterproof sneakers without significantly affecting their water resistance. Most waterproof sneakers can be cleaned using mild soap, water, and a soft brush. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the waterproof coatings or membranes. Additionally, it’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the sneakers' water-resistant properties.

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