Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2023

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2023
Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2023 (Image: © Human Life Essentials)

Running is a high-sway, serious movement that is appreciated by men, ladies, and youngsters all around the earth. Despite whether you run for wellness, run for rivalry, or utterly appreciate profoundly dynamic games, there is consistently the chance of injury. Apparently, the most widely recognized explanations behind running wounds incorporate falling, issues, and shin braces.

On the off chance that you’ve ever had the incident of encountering a shin brace, you’re in good company. Up to 15% of running wounds are brought about by shin braces each year. A large number of these might have been stayed away from if the sprinter was wearing the right footwear.

In this article, we will go over the best running shoes for shin splints with an end goal to help evade this excruciating experience. The shoes on our rundown will help forestall these sorts of wounds so you can zero in on your running.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2023 Summary

Image Model Price
1. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Running Shoe 1. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Running Shoe See On Amazon
2. New Balance Fresh Foam V10 Running Shoe 2. New Balance Fresh Foam V10 Running Shoe See On Amazon
3. ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes 3. ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes See On Amazon
4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 See On Amazon
5. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe 5. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe See On Amazon
6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes 6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes See On Amazon
7. Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe 7. Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe See On Amazon
8. Brooks Addiction 14 Shoe 8. Brooks Addiction 14 Shoe See On Amazon
9. Saucony Triumph 17 9. Saucony Triumph 17 See On Amazon
10. Saucony Ride 13 Running Shoe 10. Saucony Ride 13 Running Shoe See On Amazon

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2023 At a Glance:

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2023 Reviews

1. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Running Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

1. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Running Shoe

The Hoka One One Clifton running shoe is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a shoe with excellent cushioning.

EVA cushioning provides outstanding shock absorption and reduces pressure under the heel and ball of the foot, making these shoes a popular running shoe for shin pain. Lightweight and comfortable right out of the box, they’re also surprisingly easy to wear.

Hoka’s super-cushioned shoes, which have thick and wide soles, may not be the most fashionable running shoes, but they deliver a comfortable, smooth ride. The re-engineered mesh upper of the Clifton strikes the right balance between cushioning and a supportive, comfortable fit.


  • Smooth heel transition
  • Signature cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Supportive
  • Consistent comfort
  • Decreases impact on knees

2. New Balance Fresh Foam V10 Running Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

2. New Balance Fresh Foam V10 Running Shoe

The New Balance 1080v10 is the most recent model in the line, and it comes with a few improvements for a more comfortable ride. However, its overall design is very similar to that of its predecessors.

The convex pattern on the outside of the midsole was changed to a concave pattern by New Balance. A concave pattern offers a softer landing and allows for a smoother transition while running, despite its small size.

Laser engravings at the heel of the midsole have been added to aid the landing. The Fresh Foam midsoles are also a little softer, but you’ll have to give up an extra ounce in weight because of the extra foam.

As a result, the heel collar is less padded and sits lower on the ankle than it did previously. This reduces the overall weight, although some runners may find it lacking in ankle support as a result. However, a good pair of shoes for back discomfort can make a world of a difference.


  • Lunarlon foam in forefoot and toe
  • Air Zoom throughout the sole
  • Thick insole
  • Cool and breathable
  • Flywire stability system

3. ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes (Image credit: Amazon)

3. ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

The ASICS Men and Women’s GEL Kayano 25 is one of the best shoes for shin splints you will find. It uses Impact Guidance System technology to enhance your natural gait, which puts you at less risk of injury and enhances energy transfer during your run, and the FluidRide bounceback system – a staple of ASICS shoes – is ever-present to deliver optimal performance when needed.

It is lightweight and durable, while the shock impact design guarantees reduced problems with shin splints by limiting potential pressure. Their IGS technology provides you with extra support. There is amazing arch support in its characteristics.


  • IGS technology
  • Enhanced gait efficiency
  • GEL cushioning
  • FluidRide bounceback
  • Durable
  • Shock impact
  • Arch Support Shoes

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

If you are in the market for a great pair of neutral runners that still contribute outstanding support and cushioning for urban running, you can’t go wrong with the Adrenaline GTS 20.

Often, pain in your legs is a result of overpronation. To help easily correct your stride, the Adrenaline GTS 20 boasts guide rails that naturally help to correct your gait to even out where you place your weight with each and every step.

The 3D print mesh upper helps to cradle your foot to help promote lockdown. Mesh materials help to wick away moisture and lift hot air up and away from your feet to keep them cool and dry when training on hot days. Great pair of shoes for men’s and women’s running.

The Adrenaline GTS 20 is a transcendent choice if you are in search of a classic piece. It may cost a little bit more than some of the other designs on our list, but we feel that it is well worth the extra cost.


  • Additional padding for a comfortable ride.
  • Lightweight and balanced, despite the fact that it is cushioned
  • Long-distance training routines benefit greatly from this sturdy sole.
  • Stability and support are provided by guide rails.

5. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a neutral, high-quality shoe that works well as an everyday trainer, but still has enough speed to compete in races.

If you want a pair of shoes that contribute great cushioning and one of the softest rides, the Brooks Women’s Launch 4 will propel you into another realm of running comfort. Instantly, you’re attracted to the sleek but not too flashy design, wi The neutral colors, which is a refreshing change from the sneakers of the past.

It’s more than just seems, though, and this gives a stable experience and a snug fit, although arch support is a bit lacking, it still feels like there’s enough to avoid shin splints. It also helps keep them light as this decreases pressure on the feet during longer runs.


  • A BioMoGo DNA design & supportive Loft Cushioning.
  • Segmented crashpads & a system of separate shock-absorbing pads.
  • Stretchable & very breathable and lightweight mesh uppers.
  • Cushioned with responsive energy return.
  • Lightweight & flexible connected design.

6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes (Image credit: Amazon)

6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

The Gel-Nimbus 22 is an exceptional option for those that want something colorful and stylish while giving unmatched support. We love that this design comes in a host of bright and neutral shades to match your particular style, and has a host of supportive characteristics to implement outstanding support through all stages of your gait.

The most notable feature of this design is that it uses Trusstic System technology. This system works by utilizing lightweight materials and reinforced padding on high impact areas to give outstanding support without the need for bulky materials. It guards your foot without weighing it down, making it a fabulous stability shoe for speed or long distances.

If you are in the market for something that gives a good deal of support and comfort without weighing you down, this is an excellent option that is worth a look. It’s essential to note that it is one of the more expensive designs in the ASICS line, but we feel that it is worth every penny.


  • FluidRide bounceback
  • Rear & Forefoot GEL cushioning
  • Stretch mesh
  • Heel clutching technology
  • Seamless construction
  • Roomy toe box

7. Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

7. Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe

Brooks Glycerin 18 is the best daily shoe for runners with foot and leg pain – and that includes shin splints. This neutral pair of shoes are intended for road running, with enough tread for the light trail.

With Glycerin 18 you’ll find numerous features to help you fend off and recover from shin splints. The most significant impact is DNA Loft foam in the midsole. This foam proceeds to give the soft, plush feel that Glycerin is known for. But it retains its responsive ride and has great durability.

Also new is a redesigned upper built of engineered mesh. These athletic shoe presents an even softer feel when you put your feet in the shoe. It also lightens the shoe a bit and makes for a sleeker design. Ultimately, a plush sock-liner gives a soft, comfortable feel as soon as you put them on.

A low heel-to-toe drop can often inflame shin splints. The high drop in Glycerin should help to counteract that. And with flexibility in the outsole and extra cushioning, the Glycerin allows you to toe off and land with significantly less pain.


  • Squishy DNA Loft midsole
  • Stretch-mesh upper
  • OrthoLite sock liner
  • Elastic saddle to add a more secure fit
  • More cushioning but less weight compared to the last model

8. Brooks Addiction 14 Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

8. Brooks Addiction 14 Shoe

The Brooks Addiction is a popular men’s running shoe that’s great for runners who have trouble managing their pronation, or how far their feet roll when they run. In addition to the cushioned midsole, the diagonal rollbar helps keep pronation under control and promotes fluid transitions.

So you can avoid shin splints by using these shoes, which are lightweight, practical, and dependable. If you have wide feet or orthotics, Addiction is an excellent option because it is available in both standard and wide widths. For those who want a more snug fit, it is available in a narrower version.


  • Supreme support & generous fit
  • Synthetic-and-mesh
  • Super soft Cushioning
  • Lightweight and Comfortable

9. Saucony Triumph 17 (Image credit: Amazon)

9. Saucony Triumph 17

A well-known and well-cushioned Saucony Triumph 18 is taken in a new direction with the new Triumph 18. In the past, Saucony was exclusively interested in making lightweight, highly functional shoes. However, the brand is now making shoes that are both technically sound and incredibly comfortable.

Saucony’s Triumph shoe range features some of the firmest cushioning on the market. There are a number of new features in its 18th generation that make it more comfortable, while still allowing for good reaction and flexibility.

This model features a whole new midsole and outsole. A full-length PWRRUN midsole is used instead of the previous version’s PWRRUN midsole, which is stronger, more flexible, and softer. The shoe is extremely light and durable because of the new foam.

Even if you have shin splints, you might enjoy running in this shoe because of the comfortable ride it provides. PWRRUN foam provides additional comfort, but the sole helps you avoid shin screams on uneven surfaces.


  • A shoe that focuses on performance but is well-cushioned.
  • Improved responsiveness and rebound
  • Hundreds of miles can be put on a midsole.
  • Consistently supportive and stable, yet not rigid.

10. Saucony Ride 13 Running Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

10. Saucony Ride 13 Running Shoe

The newest Ride by Saucony builds on its best qualities as an everyday trainer while lightening up the shoe and increasing the overall fitness.

The primary difference between Ride 13 and previous models is the lighter shoes and PWRRUN foam in the midsole. PWRRUN adds additional cushioning while keeping the snappy ride to keep you running fast.

Also innovative is FORM FIT, a new type of upper that succeeds the ISO lacing found on the last few versions. This new upper gently cradles and supports your feet, giving you a customized, locked-down feeling.

Lastly, you might enjoy the wider toe box on the model as well as the Tri-flex outsole, which offers a natural running feel.


  • Plenty of cushion for a lightweight shoe thanks to PWRRUN
  • FORM FIT for comfortable upper
  • Cool style and color options

Buying Guide For Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

Here are some exercises and treatments for shin splints. And how you can prevent shin splints using the proper pair of shoes. Here is the guide.


Shin Splints are possibly the most well-known wounds sprinters face. Shin support torment generally happens beneath the knee or more the lower leg on the facade of the leg. They can happen either within the leg (average shin braces) or outside of the leg (front shin supports.)

Shin splints are generally normal among new sprinters who aren’t expanding their mileage slowly. In case you’re new to running, do yourself a strong and fabricate your mileage slowly. This gives your muscles time to fix and assemble themselves. In case you’re a prepared sprinter and you’ve as of late changed your daily schedule (from level surfaces to slopes, for instance) you, as well, may be in danger of shin braces on the off chance that you haven’t given your muscles time to adjust.


There are two ways of treating shin splints: surgical and non-surgical. The non-surgical ways are:

  • Rest
  • Cold therapy
  • Special tape and taping techniques
  • Wearing compression socks
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Cortisone shots
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Posture correction therapy and proper alignment techniques


You might be one of the lucky ones who never undergo shin splints, but if not, there are treatments and exercises you can try to recover.

  • Stop running altogether
  • Ice your shin to decrease inflammation
  • Stretch your calves for anterior shin splints & Achilles for medial
  • Kneel with toes tucked under your feet
  • Lean back on your hands with your shins below your thighs
  • Low lunges
  • Calf raises
  • Hip raises with heel pull (3 sets of 10)
  • Forearm plank for 45 seconds and repeat twice
  • Balance on one leg until you tiring
  • Pigeon stretch for one minute on each leg
  • Think about broadly educating (swimming, cycling, weight preparing, and so forth) until you’re ready to run once more.

What’s more, obviously, REST. In case you’re in agony, going through this is anything but a smart thought. When you do feel prepared to run once more, make sure to expand your mileage gradually, alright? Close to 10% expansion in distance every day.


The anticipation of shin braces requires a touch of self-reflection and care in your present preparation standards, says Hill. We’ve felt free to review the most ideal ways for avoidance as the “Three S’s” — or reinforcing, extending, and smarts.

Beginning with Reinforcing

That is an important piece of managing a strategic distance from shin supports—just as other normal running wounds like sprinter’s knee and piriformis condition. As opposed to zeroing in only on fortifying the lower leg to fight off torment, you’ve gotta think full-body—from your feet to your center.

All things considered, do the broadly educating in your arrangement for your next half long-distance race, and maybe add some yoga or work with loads. In case you’re more grounded, you’ll be better at overseeing pressure in the lower leg, because of improved stun ingestion above and underneath the shin region, says Hill.


Your two lower leg muscles are known as the gastrocnemius and soleus. Make time to give those some additional TLC when moving, notwithstanding your hamstrings.


The main vital choice is dressing right. Selecting the correct shoes and stuff for your exercise can have a significant effect, and we’re not simply looking at feeling sure on the grounds that you’re getting a fit.

“Guarantee that the running shoes that you train in fit well, and make certain to supplant them consistently or turn a couple of good combines of preparing shoes in the event that you can,” says Hill.

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We have discussed the top 10 running shoes for shin splints on the market. At last, we discuss some FAQs to provide you with more information and guide you about shin splints. However, it is your choice to choose the shoe according to viewing your needs. If you are in hurry, check out the top picks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of running shoes do I need for shin splints?

You need a pick such shoes which help to support the knee and lower leg. Basically, shoes can play an important role in managing this disease. Specially made shin splint running shoes will help you to get comfort, support, and speedy recovery.

What should I look for in running shoes when i have shn splints?

You’ll want to see shoes with lots of cushioning. Cushioning runs from Level 1 to Level 5, and you’re clearly better off closer to Level 5. You may also need to look into a stability shoe that will accommodate motion control.
Lastly, a lower drop shoe may help you change your form to run with better form, which will assist in avoiding shin splints.

Do running shoes help shin splints?

The short answer is yes. If you have shin splints and you are a runner or running for several days a week. You should buy some special running shoes which are specially made for shin splints. However, Brooks Ghost running shoes are one the good running shoes.

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